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Osiron Alpha

2009-03-19 13:41:14 by Stelimar

I've been doing a lot of work on Osiron, so here's an update.

The biggest change is that Osiron's Prism has been added. Osiron's Prism is a Rubik's Cube-like single-player puzzle. The goal is to arrange all of the pieces with the same color next to each other in a triangle shape, with each triangle pointing towards the middle, so that it looks like a color wheel. In case this doesn't make sense (which I'm sure it doesn't), here's an image of what the board should look like when it's completed. Note that it does not matter which color is where. Movement of the pieces is the same as in Osiron's Dusk to Dawn.

Other changes/updates:

1. You can now select which board layout you want to use for Osiron Classic and Osiron's Dusk to Dawn.
2. On Osiron Classic, the pieces don't raise as high so that they do not cover each other up as much.
3. On Osiron's Dusk to Dawn and Osiron's Prism, you now click the center of a circle and then click and drag the circle to spin it, rather than moving the mouse side-to-side.
4. There has been a "goal" image added to Osiron's Dusk to Dawn to show you what the board should look like when you are done.
5. Music and a couple of sound effects have been added.
6. Menu transitions have been added.

If you have any suggestions/comments/bug reports, please either leave a comment or PM me.



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