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Osiron - Abstract Strategy Game

2009-03-02 22:13:30 by Stelimar

I'm very happy so say that I've just been selected as the developer for a flash version of an abstract strategy game called Osiron. =) The rules of the game can be found here:

Osiron Game Rules

"Osiron is an abstract strategy game for two players, twelve years of age and up. It is based upon the Flower of Life, an ancient geometrical figure of equally spaced, interlocked circles. The earliest example of this sacred symbol can be found at Osirion, the Temple of Osiris in Egypt, dating back thousands of years. Throughout history, philosophers, artists, and architects have studied the Flower of Life for its perfect form, proportion, and harmony. It is considered by many to be a symbol of sacred geometry, said to contain ancient, religious value depicting the fundamental forms of the universe. It is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all of us. We hope the game Osiron will be equally meaningful through its unique, challenging, and intricate gameplay."

In addition to the standard two-player game, there is also a good chance of there being a single-player puzzle-type mode, which should be interesting. The creator of the game is an artist, and he makes earthenware sets of the game. I've never actually played, but I thinks it's an intriguing concept, and I'm looking forward to bringing this game to completion. =)



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2009-03-03 01:01:51

When is the estimated release date? Will it be on NG?

Stelimar responds:

I'm hoping to have it done in roughly a month or so, but it may be longer depending on how much time I have to work on it over the next few weeks. I'm not sure yet if we'll be submitting it to NG or any other games sites, but if not, I'll be sure to make a news post here about it and/or make a post in the forums when it's done.